J. Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH

Since 1874 Zimmer is working hard to develop, design and manufacture the best finishing machinery for textile, carpet, non woven, paper and other roll to roll substrates.

Zimmer has 130 years of experience in building textile machinery, 50 years of building carpet machinery and 30 years of Chromojet technology. Till now, Zimmer already installed 300 Chromojet worldwide and 80 lines with 4m width and more.

Zimmer's machinery for the carpet industry:

    Chromojet-Digital Jet Printing Systems:
  • Wall to wall carpets, rugs and mats
  • Logo and promotion mats
  • Bath mats and kitchen carpets
  • Carpet tiles
  • Coco mats
  • Needle felt products
    Rotary Screen Printing Machines
  • High speed screen printing machines
    up to 5m in width and up
  • to 30m/min in speed
  • For velours and needle-felt carpets
    Finishing and Wet Processing Machines
  • Pre-washing, pre-steamer, steamer,
    washing and
  • vacuum units, dryer with stenter
    orconveyor belts
    Color and Thickener Preparation
  • Color kitchens
  • SupraMix dosing and mixing systems
    Foam Mixers and Applications
  • SupraMix foam generators with
    integrated dosing units
  • Foam applications
    Lab Machines
  • Lab printers, steamer, dryer, color
    preparation systems,
  • viscometer, weight scales, PH-meter