Matthys Group

Carpet confection

  • Length-slitting, over-edging, cross-cutting
  • Shortside finishing with tape, fringes, surge or glue
  • Inspection, rolling & packing
  • Semi-& fully automatic installations

Tufting and non-woven

  • Creels & auxiliary equipment for tufting machines
  • Semi-& automatic rolling and packing for non-woven line

IRM/2 splicer

  • Replace your knots by splices
  • Splices can easily be processed and are practically invisible in the final product
  • increase your efficiency in the production and the quality of your tissues

Winding machine

  • With or without automatic doffing of packages
  • Starting from cones or hanks
  • Splitting and /or assembly winding

Cut-to size

  • Cut-to-size machinery for carpet and vinyl floor coverings