Meersschaert G.R.J. nv

With its roots dating back to 1945, Group Meersschaert has accumulated several decades of experience in the field of pile fabric wire-looms, In addition to the production of weaving machines, We also offer a lot of other interesting services such as CAD/ CAM textile design . We also produce harnesses and other textile related product.







Our unique "Wireflex"wire looms excels through flexibility , allowing both cut and loop pile ;For high quality pile fabric from 50 to 80 threads per cm ;Both warp and pile on jacquard Staeubli ;The fabric width varies from 1m40 to 3m .

Due to the advanced mechatronic technology which is included in the "Unival Jacquard" and the "Dobbyflex", it is possible to insert two wires in the same pick, which doubles the production .By using maximum 20 warp shafts it is possible to weave finer ground weavings.

Main products are : Genuan Velvets , Upholstery and light carpets etc. Also due to the fluent change in quality and the number of possibilities, our customers can                                                                                                 weave a wide range of products.